We’re back! and busy!

After another lock down in January due to a rise in covid 19 cases we sadly yet again closed our doors for a good 3 months. It honestly felt like the longest lockdown yet, however now I am thrilled to say after opening again on the 18th April we have been busier than ever!

We have not  only welcomed back familiar faces but many new students too.

The students have returned full of enthusiasm and have thrown themselves back into classes, taking all the social distancing measures in thier stride.

After so many weeks off the seniors in particular have been working especially hard to regain thier strength and staminar.

With so many restrictions for such a long time it has meant that many have missed out on exam and performance opportunities, but we have not let this get us down, and rather embraced learning new exam dances and thoroughly enjoyed simply being able to dance together again.

It has been wonderful to feel The Townsend hall come to life again and be filled with lots of music, laughter and the sound of Tap shoes. (even the sound of drums could be heard from another community group one week)

In May I could finally welcome back the Adult dancers.  We hadn’t been able to dance together since the November lockdown, and it really has been wonderful to be back together on a Thursday evening, dancing and having a giggle together.

As we approach the summer term we are looking forward to  some fun Contemporary sessions during August, before returning in the Autumn for October exams.

It really has been a busy term of dancing!